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Our Nursery

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photos of our available babies.

Our LoveNest

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our Hyacinth macaw pair in their aviary home.

All of our babies are fed when hungry….not on a schedule.  They are weaned according to their schedule, not ours.  This makes for a more confident and loving companion.

During the weaning process our babies are weighed daily.  We want to be sure the weight stays constant as babies can loose up to 15% of their body fat when being weaned.

Babies are allowed to fledge just like they would in the wild, before we gently and gradually trim their wings.  Just as we learn to crawl/walk, a bird must learn how to fly.

Babies in the nursery are introduced to a huge variety of pellets, seed, nuts, fruits and vegetables. At appropriate times in their development they are introduced to different sights, sounds, people, toys and climbing activities.

Babies leaving our nest will go home with their “First Report Card”.  This will give you all the information you need to keep a happy and healthy bird.

Remember, we will be there for you long after the sale!